Bone, Stone, and Obsidian

Robert Adducci and Jesse Heinig talk about Dark Sun from every angle, Dungeon Mastering, Playing, Races, Classes, History, Sorcerer Kings, City States, you name it. It's about survival on the sands of Athas on this show so grab a d20 and get ready to enter the arena.

Episode 20: 5e Psionics

Jesse and Robert talk about Psionics for D&D 5e and what they might look like for Dark Sun 5e.

Show Notes

The sands of Athas are unforgiving to those without bone, stone, or obsidian to protect their water–and their lives. This episode features Jesse and Robert talking about Psionics in D&D 5e.


In this episode, we talk about what Psionics looks like in the current incarnation of 5e and what they might look like in Dark Sun for 5e.

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