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Episode 30: Raiders of the Chanth

Jesse and Robert talk about the Raiders of the Chanth adventure from Dungeon #44.

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Sean Bowman is working on a Pathfinder 2e version of Dark Sun, and posted a work-in-progress on the Facebook group

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Raiders of the Chanth

## First, the facts: * This adventures came out in the December 1993 issue of Dungeon, #44 * It was written by Randy Maxwell: * He’s written a couple RPG Products * Dungeons of Despair for AD&D 2nd edition * The Northern Waste for MERP 1st and 2nd edition * He also wrote several other articles/adventures in Dungeon & Dragon magazines * Unfortunately this adventure is in an issue of Dungeon that is no longer available through normal channels. It was from a time before people considered digital copyrights, so WotC cannot sell them. * It’s billed as an adventure for four to six players of levels 3-6

What’s the premise of the adventure?

  • Raiders from the Big Fork island have been swooping down on caravans on the road from Altaruk to Grak’s Pool and Altaruk to Gulg. The raiders ride sail-powered levitating platforms.

Adventure Details

  • This adventure has a lot in common with the movie Gandahar, usually known in the U.S. as Isaac Asimov’s Light Years.
  • Brief segue to explain
  • The adventure really does a great job of encapsulating basic DARK SUN action: Mixed groups of gith and human raiders are attacking the trade routes, you backtrace them to their lair which is an ancient tower, and you find out that there’s a (literal) mastermind behind it all.
  • And the Chanth itself is also almost like the Master in Fallout!


  • Big Fork Island Overview
  • Dark Tarn Oasis/Herders
  • Island Random Encounters
  • Conclusion

How we’ve used it in our campaigns Robert: I’ve run this several times in person and online. Nate on Reddit posted maps for it:

Judges Guild Link, from hex map, 10/500/ ½ mile


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