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Episode 32: Scale, Tail, and Claw with Henry Giff

Jesse and Robert talk to Henry Giff about Scale, Tail, and Claw

Show Notes

Dark Sun News!

General: * The intro music is by Filip Melvan, courtesy of * Jesse started up his Sand Marches game in the Dark Sun Discord * * Jarl Thor has been talking to people every weeknd in the Discord. * DragonKingTalk 08 Sundered Region wSysane p3 Dark Cupola * DragonKingTalk 07 Chris Moneymaker * That reminds me, how has everyone liked Jarl Thors Dragon King Talk episodes? * If you like them or if you don’t like them let us know. * You can email us at News

  • BSO Special Feature - Scale, Tail, & Claw reading. I recorded and uploaded a reading of the first part of STC. If you liked it let us know on social media
  • Encounters of Athas 5 - Curious Tails by Adam Cieszlak,:The latest in a series designed to provide DMs with encounter or location ideas to add flavor to their campaigns. In this installment, we focus on encounters taking involving the reptilian races of Athas.
  • Lawful Stupid blog, Repost #5 - Templar Extortion System
  • The Athasian Survey Project 22 - Pterran Vale by Neujack
  • The Athasian Survey Project 20.5 - Celik
  • Heroes of Nibenay by Valentýn Poláček, The tale of one party’s playthrough of the adventure Marauders of Nibenay. Expanded Random Encounters Repost #9 - Rocky Badlands

Facebook Group

  • There’s been a lot of conversations and people posting cool pictures of their Dark Sun games.
  • Luke Swadling made some ceramic coins that look fantastic. *
  • And he made an awesome Wezer mini:
  • I was messing around in Canva and made an animated Dark Sun logo.

Actual Plays

BlueBoxRPG’s Sea of Dark Sun Sea of Dark Sun #20: For Some the End Mysteries of Athas a 2e actual play Balic XIII - Heart of the Antloid Nest (Playlist) Rime of the Frost Maiden for Dark Sun Weird Ways of the Warplings (Playlist) Original conversion:

Audience Questions and Comments

  • Andrew Mclaren
  • Thank you for this episode, I enjoyed it greatly. I think many people are ignorant of the content from old Dragon magazines and it was great to learn about this adventure. The nuggets of useful ideas, such as the levitating wind surfer boards, and psionic brain in a jar, are awesome and I hope to include them in my new campaign.Keep up the good work, I enjoy the show!

Scale, Tail, and Claw

  • Welcome Henry
  • Conceptualization and Inspiration: *What inspired the creation of ‘Scale, Tail, and Claw,’ and how does it aim to expand the Dark Sun setting in unique ways?
  • Intro Journal Entries
  • Reptilian Anthropomorphic Spectrum:
    • The book introduces the concept of the Reptilian Anthropomorphic Spectrum​​. Could you elaborate on this concept and how it influenced the development of the various reptilian races?
    • Were there any races that didn’t make the cut?
  • The book is split in two, the Players Guide and DMs Guide, what brought you to that particular layout? * Player’s Guide Focus: What kind of content can be found in the PG? * DM’s Guide Insights: What kind of content can be found in the DMS guide?
  • Lore and Storytelling: How did you ensure the new content fits seamlessly with the established lore of Dark Sun, and what storytelling opportunities does it open for players?
  • Creative Challenges: What were some of the most significant creative challenges you faced while working on ‘Scale, Tail, and Claw,’ and how did you overcome them?
  • Future Prospects: Are there plans to expand upon the themes introduced in ‘Scale, Tail, and Claw’ in future Dark Sun publications?
  • Community Reception: Since its release, how has the community responded to ‘Scale, Tail, and Claw,’ and have there been any surprising ways players have engaged with the content?
    • There have been 1,032 page views
  • Personal Highlights: As one of the Writing Coordinators, what aspects of ‘Scale, Tail, and Claw’ are you most proud of, and are there any hidden gems or favorite elements that you would like to highlight for fans of Dark Sun?
  • Statistical Integration: How were stats for different systems created?