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Robert Adducci and Jesse Heinig talk about Dark Sun from every angle, Dungeon Mastering, Playing, Races, Classes, History, Sorcerer Kings, City States, you name it. It's about survival on the sands of Athas on this show so grab a d20 and get ready to enter the arena.

Episode 28: Tony DiTerlizzi

In this episode Robert and Jesse do the news, then Robert interviews Elves of Athas and City-State of Tyr artists Tony DiTerlizzi

Show Notes

Dark Sun News!

## News * We have a new home! We’re on now as well as the first season of To Tame a Land and @AthasianRunner’s One World Pod’s- Ashes of Athas 5e. * Find all three at * I asked all around the internet what map size paradigm they used in their Dark Sun campaigns? * The results were that almost 50% used the original scale, 27% used the 4e scale (2.5x original), 10% used June’s enlarged scale (6x original), and 15% used some variation. * The Athasian Survey Project 15 Shault Island & 16 -Lake Island and Break Shore * Another Expanded Random Encounters this time for the Sandy Wastes is up. * Several articles re-released from the Sands of Athas #06 netzine including a spell, a kit, and a new creature. * There are a ton of great conversations going on at the Arena, the forums. Too many to list! Check them out if you haven’t! * I posted an article on my patreon that included a slew of new terrain that you can use for Dark Sun.

Dark Sun Facebook Group

  • Adam Freigang asked about spices and
  • Christopher Moneymaker has been working on his Dregoth images and an expanded stat block.
  • Jesse’s Sand Marches
    • In the Facebook group you (Jesse) posted a new monster that’s part of the Sand Marches. Why don’t you tell us what you posted and what the Sand Marches is, since I don’t think we’ve talked about it on the podcast yet.

Actual Plays

Tony Diterlizzi:

And now, let’s get to our interview with Tony Diterlizzi. Of course if you’re listening to this podcast you probably know Tony from his artwork in Elves of Athas and City-State of Tyr, but there’s more….such much more. Looking through Tony’s list of credits is astounding, starting with the D&D hardcover Monstrous Manual for 2nd edition, the Complete Rangers Handbook, the Dragon Mountain boxed set, and then into Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Planescape (where you’re probably more well known in the D&D world), Changeling: The Dreaming, Vampire: The Dark Ages, several 3rd edition D&D books, Pathfinder Deep Magic, 20th Anniversary Changeling: The Dreaming. And that’s glossing over so many within each game. Wow.

  • We know you were a D&D player before you were in the field, on your wikipedia page there’s a quote that says, “”I would copy Trampier’s drawings over and over.”[3] , What do you love most about Trampier’s art? How did it influence your art?
  • How did you get started playing D&D?
  • Are you currently playing a D&D game? Tell us about it.
  • How did you get involved in doing art for Dungeons & Dragons?
  • How did you get involved with Dark Sun?
  • There are a lot of different angles of Dark Sun, some people love the survival, others love the ecological angle, the sword and sandal, psionics, etc. What aspect of Dark Sun speaks to you?
  • What can you tell us about working on the City-State of Tyr (July 1993) book?
  • What kind of art direction were you given for City-State of Tyr?
  • What can you tell us about working on the Elves of Athas (Oct 1993) book?
  • The color pieces that you did for the map are some of my favorite Dark Sun pieces of art. How did you come up with the look for the elves?
  • You recently posted your 1993 D&D Dark Sun sketchbook on your social media. It’s a beautiful looking bound sketchbook with the Dark Sun Logo on the cover, what can you tell us about that project? Start with the cover.
  • 1993 D&D Dark Sun sketchbook
  • It looks like some of the images were in June and July of 1993, your art for City-State of Tyr must have been done by then, so was it in preparation for Elves of Athas?
  • A while back you put a call out to get a bunch of your Planescape originals back to scan and then you sold them as prints. Any chance of doing that for your Dark Sun pieces?


  • I know this is a Dark Sun podcast, but I have to ask you about Planescape, since it’s my second favorite D&D setting.
  • How did you get involved with Planescape?
  • What was it like to be chosen to be THE Planescape artist?
  • You worked on Planescape from 1994-1996, looking back, what aspects of Planescape still hold meaning for you?
  • Are there any Planescape pieces that you really remember, that you love, or just are marked in your memory?
  • If you want to hear Tony talk more about Planescape check out his episode of the D&D Podcast Dragon Talk:
  • I saw that you did some art for the new 5e Planescape! As far as I know you’re the only artist from a prior setting that’s been brought back. That’s pretty awesome. How did it feel to be back in Sigil?
  • From the piece we’ve seen so far your style, while still recognizable, is different than the original Planescape style. What did you change and why?
  • What did you want to purposefully keep from the original Planescape style?


  • Over on the White Wolf side of the gaming aisle, you did a bunch of art for the whimsical horror game Changeling: The Dreaming. Since Changeling involves a lot of fantasy, how did you feel that this was different from your work in D&D?
  • What would you consider the differences in inspiration and direction for World of Darkness art as opposed to D&D art?
  • What things would you say you learned from stretching to do different kinds of art, that were useful lessons to you as an artist in developing your style and your skills?

Current Projects?

  • While researching you I listened to your Dragon Talk episode and went and bought The Tales of Kenny Rabbit boxed set to read with my kids, they’re going to love it.
  • What’s your most recent release?
  • What are you currently working on?
  • Wrapup

Tony, Where can we find you online?



Robert Adducci (@Raddu76, Patreon) Jesse Heinig ( @JesseHeinig ) Bone, Stone, and Obsidian ( Credits Treasure Hunter by Ross Bugden Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Edited by Robert Adducci