One World Pod: Ashes of Athas

5th edition #DarkSun #dnd actual play podcast bringing you to the ravaged world of Athas! Join our players as they confront new enemies in the City-State of Tyr and beyond. It is a fight for their lives and for the continued existence of the Veiled Alliance.

Art by Erin Anderson @ErintheZ on Twitter

Episode 16: Badlands Chariot Clash!

Our heroes have avoided the hazards of the badlands and caught up to the fleeing assassin and his companions. A desperate struggle follows as chariots fly through hazardous canyon terrain that poses as much of a threat to the party as their enemies.

The mul gladiator looks like a big threat and just what is a Mind Blade? How good a driver is Gigus? Can Solania pick off Deevo from afar? Just what is Grizmo's problem?

Thrilling heroics and some surprising behaviors from our heroes. You never know what to expect on Athas.

Show Notes

Featuring music by: Metal by Alexander Nakarada Link: License:

The Final Battle Of Superheroes by WinnieTheMoog Link: License:

Adrenaline In My Blood by WinnieTheMoog Link: License:

Battle Metal by Alexander Nakarada Link: License:

Apex by Alexander Nakarada Link: License:

Metal Interlude by Alexander Nakarada Link: License: