One World Pod: Ashes of Athas

5th edition #DarkSun #dnd actual play podcast bringing you to the ravaged world of Athas! Join our players as they confront new enemies in the City-State of Tyr and beyond. It is a fight for their lives and for the continued existence of the Veiled Alliance.

Art by Erin Anderson @ErintheZ on Twitter

Episode 17: Temple of the True

Deevo dies mysteriously (in an freak audio equipment error we didn't discover until after the fact)! He actually monologued a bit and then choked as a green fog emanated from his throat and the obsidian orb he held cracked.

Yuna the mul and the dwarven driver tell the party about a nearby temple the True are corrupting and using as a base of operations.

Some debate about investigating the temple or returning to Altaruk results in the party heading for the temple.

Behind a fantastic wall of red-gold sandstone carved with elemental symbols, they find a dimly lit room with enemies waiting for their arrival.

Show Notes

Featured music: Waltz Primordial (feat. Alexander Nakarada) by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

Cinema Blockbuster Trailer 13 (99FIRE-FILMS AWARD) by Sascha EndeĀ® Link: License:

Torment by Alexander Nakarada Link: License:

Stygian Rise by Alexander Nakarada Link: License: