One World Pod: Ashes of Athas

5th edition #DarkSun #dnd actual play podcast bringing you to the ravaged world of Athas! Join our players as they confront new enemies in the City-State of Tyr and beyond. It is a fight for their lives and for the continued existence of the Veiled Alliance.

Art by Erin Anderson @ErintheZ on Twitter

Episode 7: B'rogh Ambush

The party has survived their first full day on the slave caravan and even succeeded in collecting most of the items Sartaj needs to complete the ritual to summon help.

Once they 'collect' the ore and Segos fashions a bowl, Sartaj is able to ritually contact a nearby tribe of giants who agree to attack the caravan, but there is no guarantee of safety from their onslaught.

As the b'rogh devastate the caravan, can our characters survive?

Show Notes

Desert Liaison (Ins) by Shaoqing “Luna” Li Link:


Desert Winds by Rafael Krux Link: License: