One World Pod: Ashes of Athas

5th edition #DarkSun #dnd actual play podcast bringing you to the ravaged world of Athas! Join our players as they confront new enemies in the City-State of Tyr and beyond. It is a fight for their lives and for the continued existence of the Veiled Alliance.

Art by Erin Anderson @ErintheZ on Twitter

Episode 1: Surprise!

Meet the characters and the cast as we start our Athasian Adventure. Join Solania the elven ranger, Grizmo the halfling rogue, Segos the jozhal wizard and Gigus the half-giant warrior as they meet within the City-State of Tyr ready to help the Veiled Alliance, but are confronted with a deadly surprise!

A Dark Sun 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play of the Ashes of Athas campaign series.

Show Notes