Episode 204: Merchant House of Amketch Part 2

Departing Nibenay aboard the trade argosy, our heroes delve into the mystery of the illicit beetle trade. But the truth proves an elusive target and they are soon enmeshed in peril increasingly far from home.

Episode 201: Last Stand at Outpost Three part 1

The Return of To Tame a Land actual play! Besieged in a lonely trade outpost, a band of wanderers face marauding attackers. But with a vast dust-storm rolling in, they are running out of time to make their escape.

The Valley of Dust and Fire - Part 5

Our heroes set sail for the Valley of Dust and Fire to rescue their old friend Korgunard. Their journey will not go unopposed as now the greatest powers on Athas stand arrayed against them.

The Valley of Dust and Fire - Part4

Faced with insurmountable foes, our heroes break into the Golden Tower to seek the lore of lost ages. They find more than they expected awaiting them there...

The Valley of Dust and Fire - Part 3

Hunted by undead horrors, our heroes have only one chance for success against their enemies - they must resurrect the avangion Korgunard. But doing so risks a confrontation with a foe unlike anything they have ever encountered.

The Valley of Dust and Fire - Part 2

Our heroes descend into the ruins of Kemalok in search of the Scourge of Rkard. But in doing so, they set in motion a chain of events that cannot now be undone.

Dragon’s Crown - Part 16

Our heroes storm the fortress of Dasaraches in a final confrontation with the order of psionicists known as The Order. A reckoning also awaits with their old friends from Urik...

Dragon’s Crown - Part 15

At last our heroes reach the Dragon’s Crown Mountains! But the order of psionicists known as The Order has laid a deadly ambush for any who dare draw near their stronghold...

Dragon’s Crown - Part 14

In the Hinterlands, amidst the ruins of an ancient kreen civilisation, our heroes are drawn into a massed conflict between rival hordes of the mantis warriors. And amidst this chaos, there comes a reunion with some old friends...

Dragon’s Crown - Part 13

Deep in the Forest Ridge, our heroes are prisoners of Pakk the Think-Maker. Even if they win their freedom, there still remain the wastes of the Hinterlands between them and Dragon’s Crown Mountains...

Dragon’s Crown - Part 12

Returning to the Forest Ridge in search of the Dragon’s Crown Mountains, our heroes discover where Korgunard has gone. But in tracking him down, they make some deeply unpleasant discoveries...

Dragon’s Crown - Part 11

Our heroes reach Akarakle and prepare to learn the secrets of the Wind Mages. But there still awaits a reckoning with past deeds when they at last return to the mainland...

Dragon’s Crown - Part 10

Our heroes reach the island of Morgazh, where they hope to find the ruined fortress of Akarakle. But the undead remnants of a lost army lie between them and the ruins, and our heroes must now find a way through the horrors that call the island home.

Dragon’s Crown - Part 9

Adrift on the Sea of Silt, our heroes are soon rescued by a passing silt skimmer. But, once aboard, they realise that all is not as it seems on the vessel...

Dragon’s Crown - Part 8

Our heroes are locked in battle with the giants of Lake Island. Even if they are victorious, further challenges remain, not least how to escape Lake Island itself...

Dragon‘s Crown - Part 7

Our heroes head out in search of the lost fortress of Akarakle. But to reach it, they must cross the most treacherous terrain on Athas - the Sea of Silt!

Dragon‘s Crown - Part 6

In the city-state of Urik, our heroes take part in a bloody match of Death Ball. If they are victorious, they will win Hamanu‘s favour. Game on!

Dragon‘s Crown - Part 4

Our heroes confront the undead lord of the ruins of Othand. At last the scroll they seek is within their grasp.

Dragon‘s Crown - Part 3

Our heroes delve into the catacombs below the ruins of Othand. There, undead horrors await, but somewhere also the ancient scroll they seek...

Dragon‘s Crown - Part 2

Searching for an ancient scroll in the ruins of Othand, our heroes realise that the psionic interference field is having a profound effect on the Tablelands. And before they can find the scroll, they must face the dreaded Black Sand Raiders on their home ground.

Dragon‘s Crown - Part 1

When a psionic interference field sweeps over the Tyr region, our heroes find themselves in the thick of a growing crisis. At the same time, their feud with House Minthur deepens at an alarming rate.

Asticlian Gambit - Part 4

Investigating clues that lead to the Dragon‘s stronghold, our heroes at long last find themselves in Gulg. Now they must face the perils of the Red Moon Hunt.

Asticlian Gambit - Part 3

With the Order struggling to conceal its activities, our heroes try to remain one step ahead of them. And they finally discover a lead that may reveal the next step in uncovering the secrets of the mythical Dragon.

Asticlian Gambit - Part 2

Returning to Tyr, our heroes discover old enemies and new are at their doors, and hear a plea for help from the most unexpected of quarters...

Asticlian Gambit - Part 1

Our heroes are asked to assist with a covert mission to Gulg but all is not as it seems. And the question of the Levy remains - Tyr‘s reckoning may be at hand.

Arcane Shadows - Part 3

As our heroes struggle to reach safety in order to finish Korgunard‘s spell, they find unexpected allies along the way. But there still remains a final confrontation with the forces of Hamanu, Lion of Urik.

Arcane Shadows - Part2

Fleeing the city-state of Urik with Hamanu‘s forces hot on their heels, our heroes strike out across the desert. If they cannot reach safety in time, all they have suffered will have been in vain.

Arcane Shadows - Part 1

Our heroes journey to the city-state of Urik to meet with its Veiled Alliance. What they learn there may well change the face of Athas forever...

Road to Urik - Part 5

The showdown with Urik is here at last! Our heroes lead their strike force against the Urikite vanguard in a daring ambush, while the fate of Tyr hangs in the balance!

Road to Urik - Part 4

Tyr‘s army marches out to war, with our heroes at its head, searching for the Veil of Stone. But their ranks are riven by dissent and if Tyr‘s defenders cannot find unity, the desert will claim them all, long before they come face to face with Urik‘s might.

Road to Urik - Part 3

On the last night before the war, our heroes contemplate what lies ahead. Peril, absolutely. Death, almost certainly. But also sausages - the finest in Tyr - and at last there something worth saving under the unforgiving crimson sun. Mmmm. Sausages.

Road to Urik - Part 2

On the brink of war, Tyr is falling apart. Former slaves are starving, nobles are clamouring for power, and merchants are hoarding all they can before conflict breaks out. If our heroes cannot manage to forge new alliances in the troubled city-state, Urik‘s forces will crush Tyr before its people ever understand what freedom truly means...

Road to Urik - Part 1

With Kalak dead, Tyr is free - but its people soon learn that liberty does not bring peace. With war on the horizon, the city struggles to deal with fresh challenges and our heroes race to retrieve vital intelligence before open conflict erupts around them.

Freedom - Part 4

The Grand Melee begins! While the party‘s gladiators face friends and foes alike in the arena, their companions struggle to evade capture by templars. And, succeed or fail, none can escape the evil plans of Kalak, Tyrant of Tyr!

Freedom - Part 3

Departing the city-state of Tyr, our heroes head for the jungles of the Forest Ridge, seeking Nok, the legendary halfling shaman. But the mighty Ringing Mountains separate Tyr from the Forest Ridge, and few are they who have attempted such a journey and lived...

Freedom - Part 2

The conspiracy to overthrow Kalak the Tyrant gathers pace and our heroes face a return to both the Golden City and the slave pens. But the shadow of betrayal is never far away and they soon learn that the keenest blade is the one that strikes closest to home.

Freedom - Part 1

Reaching the decadent city-state of Tyr, our heroes fall afoul of Kalak the Tyrant's hated templars. But plans are afoot to bring change to Tyr, and the former slaves are soon embroiled in the heart of the conspiracy.

A Little Knowledge - Part2

Finding the oasis of Kled poisoned by the Jura Dai elves, our heroes pledge to rescue the druid who tends the oasis. But they have not reckoned with the chieftain of the Jura Dai... or his ambitious daughter.

A Little Knowledge - Part 1

A band of escaped slaves finds themselves stranded in the desert. Despite their misgivings regarding each other, they must join forces in order to survive - or perish beneath the Dark Sun.